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Dear AIB-LAT Participants,

Looking back at the 2018 AIB-LAT Annual Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, we hope that you have had a great experience. It was our pleasure to work together in organizing this conference. Below, you will find links to the Conference Proceedings and to a repository of pictures that were made during the Conference.

We are very pleased with this year’s presentations and would like to mention that a fast-track to the publication of the conference’s strongest papers in the Multinational Business Review is currently in the making. Thank you for coming to the Conference and for sharing your work.

We would like to reiterate the suggestion to keep an eye on Argentina in the years to come. Investment in technological upgrading, growing foreign direct investment, IPO activity of Argentine companies on foreign stock exchanges and government programs to support the internationalization of 200+ medium-sized companies represent exciting opportunities for research by scholars of international business.

Additionally, we would like to reiterate the call for nominations for chapter officers discussed at the conference business meeting. Please submit your nominations for the following positions (below) to Bill Newburry at no later than April 15. Descriptions of the positions are linked below. Elections will occur shortly afterward, with the new officers assuming their positions effective July 1.

Chapter Chair | Program Chairs (3) | Communications and Public Relations Officer | Country Representative

Finally, we wish the all the best to next year’s Conference Hosts at the Universidad Privada Boliviana, and look forward to meeting again at the 2019 AIB-LAT Conference in Cochabamba!

Michel Hermans & William Newburry

Conference Photos

Relive the 2018 AIB-LAT conference in Buenos Aires through our gallery of photos.

Conference Procedings

All of the conference procedings have been made available via a digital download.

IAE Business School

We thank IAE for its hospitality, and we encourage you to learn more about its offerings.

2019 AIB-LAT — Cochabamba, Bolivia

Founded in 1574 by Sebastián Barba de Padilla the busy, buzzy Cochabamba is one of Bolivia’s boom cities and has a distinct, almost Mediterranean, vitality that perhaps owes something to its clement climate. The spacious new-town avenues have a wide choice of restaurants, eagerly grazed by the food-crazy cochabambinos, and the nightlife scene is lively, driven by students and young professionals. Despite this, Cochabamba remains a very affordable city, with prices to make your trip quite enjoyable; you may easily find yourself staying a lot longer than you planned. Learn more.