Manuscript Submission

Submissions for the 2019 Academy of International Business - Latin America conference are open.

General Information

All submissions should be made through the AIB 2019 Online Submission System. All submissions must be made on or before September 30th, 2018.

Each submission must state, on its front page at the top right, the Track and Session Format (competitive or interactive). Each manuscript should also be accompanied by an abstract, not to exceed 150-200 words. Further, guidelines can be viewed here.

The document must be stripped of all identifying information: None of the pages (not even the first page) should list any author information and the File Properties for the documents should be cleaned to remove identifying information.

The manuscript should preferably be saved in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format to ensure that reviewers see it in the intended way. If submitting a Microsoft Word file, the document must be checked for viruses using an updated anti-virus software utility before submission.

International Business Content

Please note that we encourage papers with an international business content. According with the JIBS statement of editorial policy, ( submissions must “have at least one of the six topic sub-domains as a primary focus of attention within the main line of argument being developed in the paper”:

  1. “The activities, strategies, structures and decision-making processes of multinational enterprises;
  2. Interactions between multinational enterprises and other actors, organizations, institutions, and markets;
  3. The cross-border activities of firms (e.g., intrafirm trade, finance, investment, technology transfers, offshore services;
  4. How the international environment (e.g., cultural, economic, legal, political) affects the activities, strategies, structures and decision-making processes of firms;
  5. The international dimensions of organizational forms (e.g., strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions) and activities (e.g., entrepreneurship, knowledge-based competition, corporate governance); and
  6. Cross-country comparative studies of businesses, business processes and organizational behavior in different countries and environments.”
Types of Sessions

There will be two kinds of sessions that are open for submissions: competitive, and interactive. In addition, the conference will feature special sessions, such as plenary sessions practitioners-academicians panels, and invited panel sessions.

  • Competitive Sessions– The most fully developed papers – close to a publishable state – should be submitted for competitive sessions. Competitive sessions consist of more formal and longer presentations.Competitive papers must be fewer than 7,500 words inclusive of all materials, including appendices and references.
  • Interactive Sessions– Interactive sessions are primarily designed for shorter manuscripts (in research note formats, 15 pages maximum) in an earlier stage of development, which could benefit from friendly feedback from other participants. Interactive sessions are held in a roundtable discussion format with shorter presentations which allow for an engaging interaction with other researchers with similar interests and with the experienced session chair.Interactive papers should not be more than 5,000 words. Papers exceeding these limits will be returned to the authors.
  • Poster sessions – Poster sessions are designed to present research projects that are at an initial stage of development and which would benefit greatly from the feedback of more experienced scholars. There are no formal presentations at poster sessions; rather, these sessions take place during lunch time, at an open space specially designed, when participants go around and informally discuss the ideas with the authors and offer their constructive suggestions.
  • Teaching case track – We invite submissions of teaching cases that could be relevant to the theme of the conference or for the international business as a field. Teaching cases must be useful as pedagogical material for instructors in the region.

The following table should help you decide on what type of session you want to submit your paper:

Type of Session Type of Paper Benefits for authors Review results options
Competitive * The manuscript is almost ready for submission to a journal. 7,500 words max. Reviews and comments help bring the paper to the level required by journals – Accepted as Competitive
– Accepted as Interactive
– Rejected
Interactive The paper is in its initial stages. Yet, the method part is almost complete. 5,000 words max. Comments from reviewers, session chair and participants help refine the paper. – Accepted as Interactive
– Rejected
Poster Research project.Extended abstract.2 pages max. single space Comments from session chair and participants help validate the research project and/or offer new directions – Accepted as Poster
– Rejected
Teaching case track The case study is almost ready. 7,500 words max Reviews and comments help refine the case study. – Accepted as a chair
– Rejected