Banquet Guests

IAE and AIB-LAT welcomes conference attendees to invite their respected guests to the gala dinner on Saturday, March 10th. Each additional guest will cost $70 (USD) and will include transportation to and from the event. If you would like to bring a guest, please contact Michel Hermans at

Airport Travel

For attendees arriving by plane, we suggest that they contact Teleport Viajes, our designated travel agent, to arrange airport pickup ( | (+54-11) 5275-7744). Alternatively, guests can use 'Manuel Tienda Leon' which offers shuttle service to/from the airport via buses and cars.

Taxi Service

We suggest that attendees only use verified taxi-services when traveling within Buenos Aires. Particularly, the conference committee recommends the use of 'Premium' and 'Blue Taxi' or an e-hailing taxi service such as 'BA Taxi' or 'Cabify.' Additional information to be provided.


bus routes

Bus Routes

All official conference hotels will provide shuttle service to and from the conference. If, however, you are not staying at a pre-designated hotel, please refer to the tentative bus route provided by Teleport Viajes. These routes will adjust based on the distribution of participants; nevertheless, please be sure to make the necessary accomodations if you intend to use this service. If participants are in fact not using a conference hotel, we recommend that you use the bus stopping at either the Hilton or Panamericao. For additional information, please use our form or contact Teleport Viajes ( | (+54-11) 5275-7744).